Both Local and Cloud based server recovery - with real-time data only minutes old

Businesses demand continuous access to mission critical data and systems so in response we developed an integrated solution to address this requirement and make it simple to initiate and test.

How do you reduce the impact of ‘Every Day’ IT Issues

Do you suffer from application outages, performance problems, complaints about IT? IT issues hit productivity, reduce customer credibility and staff morale.

SystemFlip Continuous Recovery delivers:

Automatic server protection every 5 minutes, twenty four hours per day.
Customer can ‘Flip’ any number of production servers to the onsite appliance to fix IT issues.
Full offsite disaster recovery and data backup for up to 7 years.

Customer controlled Automated Backup and Disaster Recovery

SystemFlip gives the customer the ability to recover anything from single files to complete servers using a simple browser interface.
The same interface allows you to test your disaster recovery anytime, without cost or impact to live services.

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