Who we are

Tivarri was founded in 2010 to develop and exploit the emerging opportunity for an integrated backup and recovery service, now launched and branded as SystemFlip. In 2011 Tivarri acquired the technology behind Cranberry, the Cranberry Smart Client vendor that was first formed in 1999. Tivarri started work on a new ground-breaking device which was launched in 2014. Tivarri continues to use the Cranberry brand for its computers.

At the same time Tivarri acquired other intellectual property of Cranberry, which helped Tivarri to develop and launch a cloud-based Hosted Desktop service branded Cranberry.CLOUD

Managing Director and founder of the business, Simon Ponsford has held senior positions in datacentre and cloud technology companies, including Chief Technical Architect in one of the leading global disaster recovery businesses. He is an information technology entrepreneur and is internationally recognised as a thought-leader and expert in cloud technology, disaster recovery, and low energy computing.

Tivarri offers products and services that help clients to take full advantage of the cloud. We also provide a short training course for IT professionals on IT system energy usage calculation and energy management.





Our History Briefly

  • Cranberry Limited founded

  • Cloud-based Hosted Desktop service launched

  • Launch Cranberry SC20 – World’s lowest powered Windows PC

  • Tivarri Limited founded

  • SystemFlip research and development commence

  • New Cranberry computer launched

  • SystemFlip launched

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